The Firm

The law office of Harold J. Poltrock, P.C. is an innovative, dynamic and forward-thinking firm with a focus on creative legal solutions in a broad range of areas of practice. We work closely with our clients as well as other firms to develop practical legal solutions to meet their unique legal needs. We provide our clients with legal solutions in a broad range of areas of practice including corporate, small business, real estate areas and more. The firm is located in Millburn New Jersey and remains consistently accessible to our clients in Essex County, Union County and Morris County.

A brief history of the Firm
Mr. Poltrock’s goal was to establish a firm that is local, well respected by his peers and the judiciary for his expertise, quality of work, and dedication to the craft. The law office is well respect for its track record and courtesy shown to others. Other law firms often pay us the ultimate compliment of retaining our services for their clients while most of our clients, after working with our attorneys, refer their friends and family as well.

Poltrock’s Law office has earned a mutual respect by the judges, court clerks, judge’s legal assistants, court officers, court stenographers and other court personnel of Essex County who have over the years observed our attorneys dedication to the legal system and our dedication to our clients. Gaining this footing in the judicial system is a significant factor to consider when determining who to hire to represent you. It is an advantage that can and should be used to aggressively and efficiently get you the relief you

Our practice is focused, but our representation is broad. One of the many advantages of working with a small law firm is the close attention to detail and personalized attentiveness that allows us to handle each client’s case from start to finish with thoughtful strategies. This informed approach, coupled with substantial experience, provides you with professional service you can rely on.

Get answers, assistance, and quality legal representation you need today with the knowledgeable service available at Harold J. Poltrock, P.C. Contact us now for a free consultation.

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